Easily remove a failed implant without having to use the Trephine drill.


Fixture Remover

Remove an implant and apply a direct removing torque with Fixture Remover Screw.                   


Hex Driver

This tool is used to mount fixture remover screw on the fixture.                                                                                               

   Fixture Remover Screw

It is used to mount Fixture remover on fixture screw hole.                                                                                                   


Torque Ratchet Wrench

A tool to measure the exact torque.

– When marginal bone loss occurs, implant placement and GBR can be done right after the implant removal.
– Implants can be simply removed even in broken or osseointegrated cases.
– No bone damage and no dental trauma.
– Trephine drill is unnecessary.
– Applied to any kinds/brands of implants.
– When the implant is placed in the wrong direction, it is possible to simply pull implant out.

Fixture Removing mimetic Diagram



 Failed implant

Right Turn Close

Left Turn Close