1. Initial Drill

 Make a position and drill to the front of the  inferior cortical wall(“D”)

 – Stopper : Depth(“D”) less 1~2mm

 – Speed : 1,200RPM

2. Surgical Drill (not included Kit)

 Widening hole for easy bone insertion later

3. S Reamer

 Drill inferior cortical wall and lift sinus  membrane about 1mm

 – Stopper : Same length as depth if you don’t  feel the perforation of the inferior cortical wall,  change stopper to depth + 1mm 

4. Depth Gauge

 Check the inferior wall’s perforation by hanging  the end of the depth gauge in the sinus wall

 – Stopper : Depth + 1mm

 5. Bone Carrier + Condenser

 Fill carrier and insert bone graft (0.05cc)

 Push bone graft into sinus(Condenser)

 – Stopper : Same length as depth

6. Bone spreader

 Spread the bone laterally in sinus area wall(“D”)

 Use the bone spreader after inserting bone  twice(more than 0.1cc)

 – Stopper : Depth + 1mm

 – Spedd : 80rpm

7. Final drill

 Final drilling and counter sink or tap drill  (dpending on bone density)

8. Implantation

 Place an CMI implant


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